Dental Marketing 911! Is Your Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing Missing These Precise Emotional Triggers?

Does your cosmetic dentistry marketing need a life-saving jolt? Resuscitate your troubled dental marketing by learning the secrets to emotional, hot-button dental ads that get response.

Before I unveil the precise, hot-button emotional triggers that can and will radically improve your cosmetic dentistry marketing ad campaigns, let me ask you a question. Does a beautiful gleaming smile contribute to personal happiness? The answer is a resounding YES!

According to a recent article in Rouge Magazine, Dutch researchers found a strong emotional link between positive and healthy self-esteem, and the appearance of the research subject’s teeth. The article stated that almost 65% of the over 900 people surveyed, said that the appearance of their smile contributed heavily to feelings of personal happiness and a positive outlook.

So, how can you take these research findings and apply them to your cosmetic dental marketing strategy? By learning the secrets to designing and crafting precise, hot-button, emotionally charged dental ads that get response!

Emotional Ad Trigger #1: The Potent Power of Asking a Simple Question.

Have you ever noticed that the human brain is compulsively curious? Ask it a question, and it feels compelled to search its storehouse of information to come up with the right answer. That is why incorporating this “get response” psychological tactic, is so important to the marketing success of your cosmetic dentistry ads.

Emotional Ad Trigger #2: The Infallible Fear Factor.

Used in a positive and ethical way, fear is one of (underline each word: the most stimulating) emotional, hot-button patient motivators. Constructive fear works by triggering the brain’s natural self-preservation mechanisms to induce a desired response.

Friendly Warning: When used in dental marketing ad copy and design, this precise trigger can really backfire and royally tick potential cosmetic dentistry patients off, if not handled with precision. Because this emotional hot-button trigger could really have a profoundly negative impact on your practice, I feel compelled to warn you to please be sure to proceed with extreme caution when experimenting with this tactic. You may want to consider getting the help of a qualified cosmetic dentistry marketing expert.

Emotional Ad Trigger #3: The Immutable Law of Social Proof.

Social acceptance is such a strong emotional ad trigger that I wanted to be sure to include it in this list. In fact, I have rarely seen a successful cosmetic dental marketing ad campaign that did NOT include the precise use of social proof elements in one form or another. I have to admit, it’s one of my most used cosmetic dentistry marketing secret weapons, for my Serenity Scottsdale Dentist clients in need of real quick-response, emergency life-saving marketing first aid.

Are you ready to take your cosmetic dentistry marketing to the next level?

Investing the time it takes to develop, design and craft a patient winning dental ad campaign is well worth the effort. Or, save time by delegating the task to a qualified dental marketing ad expert. The real payoff results in:

A marked boost in new cosmetic dentistry patients
Tremendous ad saving$ — a brilliant side benefit of precision dental marketing
“Through the roof” profitability with the inclusion of hygiene add-on services

Fix your troubled cosmetic dentistry marketing right now and get on the road to rapid recovery. Start getting more new cosmetic dentistry patients by fine tuning your dental ads.