Carpet Cleaning – The Dry Method Is Safest

Homes in the upscale communities around Mayfair, Chelsea, and Belgravia are often full of delicate and antique area rugs, upholstered furniture, and other items that can be maintained by a company that offers standard carpet cleaning services. A carpet cleaners brisbane company can easily handle above the floor cleaning projects like upholstery on chairs and drapes at the same time they handle cleaning your carpets. They can also clean those delicate area rugs. However, it is advisable that they not use the same steam clean methods they use for standard cleaning on delicate antiques.

Companies that do a lot of carpet cleaning will know what should or should not be treated using steam cleaning chemicals and equipment. However, you should know before asking about having your delicate antique carpets and rugs cleaned, that a dry method of cleaning is both available and advisable for these sensitive items. Just in case you happen upon a younger, less experience carpet technician, you will want to make sure you know what should be done to prevent irreparable harm to your precious antique furnishings and area rugs. Before you let that technician tough those delicates with a steam clean attachment, remind them you require a dry foam method.

A dry foam method uses chemical foam specifically designed for fabrics that are more delicate. This dry foam requires no water or heat, both of which can damage antique rugs and upholstery. The water and heat used to clean normal carpeting kills bacteria and helps loosen dirt. The high-pressure steam, however, can be too much for delicate carpeting, antique area rugs, and some upholstered furniture. The resulting steam can cause shrinking, while the high-powered vacuum can stretch and pull, resulting in a warped area rug and fabric pulls. Leave the steam clean options for regular household carpet cleaning.

While steam cleaning is the standard for regular carpets, there are situations where a dry cleaning method would be more appealing. Companies who specialize in carpet cleaning can advise you of these situations, but generally, they involve the drying time required for steam cleaned carpets. Highly trafficked public buildings and homeowners who simply do not have the time necessary to let a carpet dry can opt for a dry foam method. The carpet will still require some drying time, but far less so than having the carpet steamed cleaned. This is ideal for the busy common areas in public office buildings.